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Panoramic is a diverse collective of five Australian artists, working in a wide variety of mediums, limited only by scale and our imaginations. Our work is inspired by the Australian landscape, flora and fauna and includes painting, photography, printmaking, ink, glass and textiles.

Gallery One88

186/188 Katoomba St, Katoomba NSW 2780

20 April - 1 May 2023

Amena Bandukwala

Amena Bandukwala is a full-time artist, with a background in interior design, an avid traveller and a global citizen.  She has thus far lived in eight cities across three continents.  Born and raised in Dubai, she is currently residing in Sydney, Australia, which is now home.  Amena is a contemporary artist whose life experiences as a traveller have provided her with a treasure trove of cultural insight and ideological variety.

Amena Bandukwala.jpg

Jayne Boardman

Jayne Boardman lives in North Rocks NSW and has been expressing herself through glass for the past 25 years. Jayne's bright and colourful work is inspired by the landscapes of Australia, and using leadlight and mosaics her creations include lamps, windows hangings, sculptures, tabletops, vases, lanterns and suncatchers. After traveling throughout Australia, her latest works in glass landscapes capture the brilliance and vitality of Australia’s beautiful scenery. Jayne’s goal is to continue to express her creativity and share her work by exhibiting her art and teaching skills to others.

Jayne Boardman 2.jpg
Jayne Boardman 1.jpg

Jennifer Burns

An artist of many mediums, Jennifer primarily works with paints and pencils and has been creating for many, many years. She is the owner of Seraphic Creations which focuses on art education and supporting local and emerging artists.

Her work is inspired by the creatures and land around her, and includes blasts of colour in everything she creates.

Jennifer Burns.jpg
Jennifer Burns 1.jpg
Jennifer Burns 4.jpg
Family Dynamics by Jennifer Burns.jpg
Jennifer Burns 3.jpg
Jennifer Burns 2.jpg

Michael Comerford

Based in Sydney, Michael is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience, building his craft through portrait and wedding photography while photographing the great Australian landscape just for pleasure. Michael’s urban and natural landscapes have been hung in a number of galleries, have been used in tourism and allied advertising works, and have received nationally and internationally recognised awards.

Michael Comerford
Michael Commerford 1.jpg
Michael Commerford 2.jpg
Michael Commerford 3.jpg

Joanne Walker

Joanne Walker lives in Sydney NSW and has always had a passion for fabrics. She has an eye for colour, textured and printed patterns. Through this she had created various objects from fashion accessories, toys and quilts. It has allowed her to explore different techniques which has lead her into a new path of creating fabric collage artworks.

Joanne Walker1.jpg
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