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jennifer burns

An artist of many mediums, Jennifer primarily works with paints and pencils and has been creating for many, many years. She is the owner of Seraphic Creations which focuses on art education and supporting local and emerging artists and has been teaching and inspiring others since 2013

Jennifer is inspired by colour and nature, usually mixing the two and creating vibrate landscapes and quirky animal portraits. Her love of drawing is relected in the personalities of the animals she brings to life.

Her oil paintings have depth and texture, adding to the life and vibrancy of the Australian landscapes and sunsets she is inspired by. Artists that inspire her include Evynd Earle, Sally Morgan, Lisa Greig, Lenny Pelling and Alex Gupton.

Jennifer gratuated from Sydney College of the Arts inthe early 90's and has enjoyed a varied career in and out of the arts ever since. 

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